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We strive to not only deliver the highest level of innovation but to provide a standard of safety higher than any found in our field. Our cutting edge design process has led us to discover and create several groundbreaking products since our inception.


Years of development has gone into discovering the best design and implementation of our products including our own line of fire wear, our revolutionary polymer inserts pads, and the “Play’n with Fire” Hydrogel – a cornerstone of our company. Their refined quality and unmatched design continue to define us as a company.


Our Technical Associates are licensed and certified in their prospective fields. When you hire Action Factory, you are always working with trained professionals with real world experience and continued higher education.

With a Screen Actor’s Guild Award Nomination, multiple Taurus World Stunt Award Nominations, a Guinness World Record, and over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, we have built a brand that you can depend on in every situation.

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