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Action Factory’s facility is located in the heart of Santa Clarita Valley just minutes away from Disney Ranch and Santa Clarita Studios. Our venue boasts 2,200 square feet of open floor space,

high ceiling and an upper mezzanine client area. Ideal for Rehearsals, M.O.S.

Insert Productions, Green Screen Work, Pre-Vis work and Photo Shoots.


As a full service stunt company, Action Factory provides everything from…


• Stunt Rigging
• Firework
• Equipment Rentals
• Crash Pads
• Stunt Pits
• Full size Trampolines
• Mini-Trampolines
• Rigging Equipment
• Sales & Expendables 
• Guinness World Record Breaking Fire Gels
• Flame proofing products
• Exclusive Personal Stunt Gear

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