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Action Factory provides Fire Setup Packages. Whether your project is big or small, one burn or multiples, we can make putting a fire sequence together easy. One call and we will breakdown and budget your script, as well as provide all the necessary resources


Action Factory Exclusively Presents:

Naked Fire Burns

Our revolutionary “Naked Burn” Stunt Gel allows your director
to have what was once considered impossible…

Fire on Bare Skin!



Our gels are clear and have a superior resistance to heat, which allows for a longer burn time.


The gels can also be burned multiple times with one setup,giving your director the flexibility to make creative changes without major time restraints.


Action Factory Fire Setup Packages are turnkey and designed around your project’s unique requirements. Our packages provide everything a production needs for a safe and spectacular fire sequence:- Fire wear / Fire Gels: Exclusive to Action Factory- A Variety of Fuels- Treatment of Wardrobe- CO2 Extinguishers and Expendables- Experienced Prep and Safety Team. Our services are designed to make the Producer, Director and Stunt Coordinator’s life a little easier.

AF Blown Away
AF Time Magazine Skin Burn
AF Skin Burn
AF Full Burn & Ratchet
AF Skin Burn Scream Awards
AF Skin Burn Sorcerers Apprentice
AF Skin Burn
AF Skin Burn Scream Awards
AF Partial Burn
AF Partial Burn
AF VMA Kendrick Lamar
AF Skin Burn
AF Full Burn & Rathcet Seal Team
AF Skin Burn Barry Holmes
AF Skin Burn
AF Burn Bear Grylls
AF Burn Pee Piemonte Emmy Magazine
AF Custom Pyrex Masks VMA
AF Burn VMA Kendrick Lamar
AF SkinBurn Luci Romberg


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